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"We are committed to reducing your electricity bill by switching to greener and sustainable energy sources"

At AE Energy, we aim to provide solutions that are specifically tailored to each and every client's specific needs. We ensure that we understand the products and systems to their basic form and then pass this knowledge and understanding to the client. We identify challenges and create strategies that turn every problem into an opportunity. We make sure that the strategies we decide on are secure and are without interruption to all aspects of our client’s needs and operations.

AE Energy was registered in 2017 with the sole purpose of improving lives of the majority of South Africans by providing systems and products that were previously deemed as a luxury or reserved for the select few. The company is a family formed company (co-owned by husband and wife) that ensures that energy solutions are engineered, design and implemented, and technological components iterations and re-engineering are employed to seek ways to reduce cost while improving quality.

The company directors are well trained and experienced in their fields, while they continue to reinvent and learn more as the times change. Furthermore, we have created a pool of experts and consultants with advanced knowledge and skills in the fields we are focusing on, and they have expressed their willingness to assist AE Energy whenever called upon. We apply our systematic and analytic approach that works. With a data-driven analysis and community-based research, we make sure that our company has a working solution that is not just business-centric, but also acceptable to community standards.

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Contacts Details

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